Data Centre & Virtualization

Revolutionizing Your IT Platforms.

A reliable and cost-effective data centre is at the heart of every business IT system. DAITA, in partnership with Microsoft and VMware, transforms your data centre infrastructure by helping you leverage the latest virtualisation technologies.

Our Dynamic Datacentre and Virtualisation services are based on a combination of Microsoft Windows server technologies, VMware solutions, virtualisation and integrated management tools.

The offerings include:

  • Consolidation: Reduce your hardware requirements and increase the use of your existing hardware from up to 80%. Our consolidation offerings help identify consolidation candidates and identify the potential savings of adopting virtualization strategies.
  • Virtualisation Management: Increase IT productivity and create a more flexible and resilient infrastructure. Our Microsoft Virtualization products improve availability by enabling “quick migration” of virtual machines between physical hosts.
  • Business Continuity: Safeguard your server infrastructure and assure business continuity through planned and unplanned situations. We provide a complete architectural design that addresses your unique requirements.

The benefits of easy and scalable access to IT services include:

  • Control capital expenditure more effectively
  • Achieve more predictable operational expenditure
  • Produce greater business value through faster and cheaper services
  • Run a more sustainable business in a cost-effective way
  • Integrate management across physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Safeguard your security and privacy
  • Meet compliance regulations and standards

Balancing Your On-Premises Solutions and Cloud Environments

At DAITA, we believe that enterprise systems should not move wholly and rapidly into the cloud. Based on our experience, we recommend that companies favour the adoption of a transformation plan for moving data centre platforms into a hybrid model that integrates the cloud. We believe this balance of on-premises platforms and cloud environments is the best way to leverage the business advantages of current technologies.

We employ a holistic approach that helps you fill in the gap between public and private clouds. You retain full management control of each and every layer of infrastructure, platform and application.