Whether you are in the market for servers, storage, software, end user computing or networking infrastructure, DAITA has the sales and technical team to support your business needs—all while helping you reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk.

Why partner with DAITA for your IT Infrastructure needs

  • Local Support: Our sales and technical teams are located and accessible throughout South Africa to work directly with you at your location(s)
  • Technical Excellence: Through rigorous training, our team holds multiple sales and technical certifications, enabling us to help design and configure your IT environment end-to-end to meet your requirements
  • Vendor Agnostic: DAITA represents a broad range of hardware and software vendors, allowing us to design the best solution for your business requirements
  • Competitive Pricing: Having achieved premier partnerships with many IT manufacturers, DAITA utilizes our superior buying power to ensure you get the right hardware and software solutions at the right price.

IT Financing

DAITA's financing options enable companies to purchase much needed IT infrastructure to improve productivity and reduce costs, while retaining their cash for working capital needs. Our dedicated financing department will work directly with your organization to determine the best option for your IT needs.

Key Benefits

  • Convenience: Let our team work directly with the manufacturer and handle all of the paper work
  • Cost Savings: By working directly with the manufacture, we can ensure a more competitive rate
  • Flexible: In addition to leasing equipment; software, maintenance, and services can be added to a lease. You can also upgrade equipment in mid-lease; as well as being able to buy out, return or extend the lease at the end of the term
  • Expanded Purchasing Power: Allows acquisitions to fit into budget constraints
  • Easy: Obtaining a lease is a simpler process than most other IT financing methods
  • Fast: Since the equipment is collateral, it is easier to obtain credit approval