Be A Digital Disruptor

DAITAs ECM solution will help you transform the way you work by putting business content into action, providing greater insight for you to capture, protect, activate, analyse and engage with content.

Our ECM solutions are available on-premises, as a subscription in our cloud, or as a managed service. Used by some of the largest and most innovative companies and governments in the world to enhance competitive advantage and customer relations, you can rest assured that DAITA will deliver the right ECM solution for your company on time, every time.

Turn Insights Into Opportunities With Effective ECM Solutions

Digitally transform your business and maintain its competitive advantage using our revolutionary approach to ECM.

  • We’ll provide your business with content in context solutions, across all departments for information-powered business processes.
  • Give users faster and more accurate results by automatically applying and leveraging metadata and classification in the background.
  • Improve user adoption and deliver a better user experience by using applications staff are familiar with and prefer.
  • Improve transparency and insight to make more informed decisions and facilitate process improvements
  • Turn previously disconnected unstructured documents into searchable, structured data.
  • Achieve a single source of fact.