Let DAITA deliver the speed you need for your digital business and help you fully exploit the power of cloud by transitioning your company to the new economics of IT, speedily, seamlessly and with less risk.

Through platforms designed for change and delivered as a service, DAITA will ensure they are all you need to become an effective, efficient, agile and innovative digital business.

Through the power of cloud, you’ll create better products, services and customer experiences and revive productivity through integrated communications and collaboration. What’s more, your infrastructure will intuitively adapt to your business needs.

The sky’s no longer the limit

DAITA will maximize the cloud for your business by;

  • Helping your business realise its objectives through a comprehensive business case strategy.
  • Assisting you in understanding and choosing the right cloud infrastructure, services and application strategies for your business.
  • Our tailor-managed service strategies will reduce the complexity of managing your cloud ecosystem.
  • We’ll help deliver modernised business applications that will reduce time to market for new initiatives.
  • We’ll identify fast-scaling resources that will make the most of your operational environment.

Capitalising on the benefits of cloud

  • We’ll help you to understand and choose the right cloud approach with portfolio assessments and pilot migrations.
  • We’ll deliver modernised applications that ensure you’re always in control of scaling, cost and flexibility from the cloud, plus our solution includes extending the value of existing systems.
  • We’ll help to standardise and consolidate your IT infrastructure.
  • We’ll help strengthen governance and reduce risk.

Start your cloud journey faster and with less risk

As a Microsoft partner and certified professional for Microsoft Azure, we’ll assist you to seamlessly integrate existing systems and data into cloud environments, with tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of your business and include;

  • Designing, managing and administering the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.
  • Deploying Office 365.
  • Delivering Microsoft unified communications and collaboration projects.

DAITAs Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) ecosystems

We’ll turn your workplace into a highly agile and collaborative environment with the right UCC ecosystem. Trust DAITA to transform how work is done and empower your employees, customers and partners to collaborate in ways only possible in the cloud using;

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • on-premises private clouds
  • on hosted virtual private clouds
  • or a hybrid deployment UCC ecosystem managed by us

Now every cloud has a silver lining with DAITA

  • We offer strategic planning to identify and develop the right UCC for your workplace.
  • We use proven industrialised tools and processes for faster, less-risk migrations.
  • We offer training and change enablement for quicker end-user adoption and productivity.
  • We deliver Managed Services that remotely run your UCC ecosystem freeing up your IT department.