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Companies purchase hardware, software and computer systems based upon initial price, not taking into account the extra costs incurred to maintain non-Tier-1 computer systems. High-quality Tier-1 equipment such as HP/Compaq servers and PCs, Cisco routers, 3Com switches, Microsoft Server and business products have proven their reliability. Our engineers have years of experience working with high-quality and high-reliability systems and can help you select the best equipment and software for your business.

We provide products to a wide range of commercial, education and government markets. We procure for resale IT software & hardware equipment from servers & storage appliances to desktops & laptops, including any software products. We use our close relationships with our vendor partners to obtain aggressive pricing & pass these savings to our clients. We also possess the necessary industry certifications to service the hardware we sell making us your single source for hardware and software solutions.


The longer your business is open, the more computer hardware you'll find you need. New, more powerful components are released, faster printers are developed and better storage options become available, often leaving your organization wondering where to start. DAITA is positioned to help you find the right hardware for your business, and can source from a large variety of brand name vendors, making sure you get the right product for the right price.


DAITA is an authorized reseller of Microsoft's and other vendors. We consult with your organization to select the right solution and coordinate deployment across your entire system. We work closely with your business to identify your needs and provide you with the right software solution.

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Digital Art and Information Technology Agency (DAITA) is a specialist IT services and solutions provider with a reputation for exellence in service delivery and support for our clients.


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