Next Level Best With Business Intelligence (BI)

Your staff can jump right in and start analysing data themselves as well as search through historical, current and predictive views of your business operations with our BI solutions.

DAITAs BI solutions deliver actionable business insights that will assist you and your staff to truly deliver, develop and create new business opportunities from the get-go. With that kind of information-fuelled data, based on fact, your company will not only operate in the fast lane, it’ll also always be ahead of the competition today and every day.

Our BI solutions and analytics tools are easy-to-use, so easy that anyone can transform even the most complex data into powerful data models. Our solutions are also flexible, which means you can transition to the cloud at your own pace with a hybrid approach, and benefit from existing on-premises investments and cloud flexibility.

However, You Use It, Our BI Solutions Deliver Incredible Benefits Like;

  • Identifying and using a comprehensive BI platform that works with the data, systems, and tools you already have in place.
  • Extending your existing BI and reporting investments to the cloud.
  • Providing faster insights on your data while maintaining data governance and security.
  • Sharing insights and reports across all major mobile platforms so your business users can make decisions when and where they need it.
  • Transforming your data into intelligent action with built-in data modelling and advanced analytics.
  • Our write-once-deploy-anywhere approach enables advanced analytics models to be written and deployed in an on-premises database or in the cloud.
  • Enabling your business to have access to thousands of R scripts and models in a Comprehensive R Archival Network (CRAN).